All About Angham

  • Artist: Angham
  • Genre: Arabic
  • Total Album: 36
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

Angham born January 19 1966 is an Egyptian singer record producer and actress Known for her soft voice and her use of emotions to convey songs to the public she produced 18 musical records and 13 singles varying from Egyptian Lebanese Iraqi Jordanian Libyan and Gulf dialects Her all time hit quot Sidi Wisalak quot The Bond Between Us has propelled her toward a more vivid presence ever since 2001 and nowadays Angham a native from the province of Alexandria started her career ...

Music Album of Angham

راح تذكرني
Ahlam Barya
Mahadesh Yehasebny EP
Nefsi Ahebak
Leih Sebtaha
Omry Maak
Bethib Meen
Shay Daa
Wahdania Studio
نفسي احبك
Arabic Songs For Kids EP
Bbasata Kada studio
Angham Collection
Ella Ana
Bethib Meen
Mahadish Yehasebni EP
Angham Collection
Lalile Lali Studio
Nefsi Ahebak
Sibto Single
Esh Qalbi Single
Law Kent Single
Law Kent Single
Law Kent Single
Min Ghirak Single
Sanda Alek Single
Awin Awin
مافي مثلك Single
Galbi Maai Single
قول حاضر Single
3n Far7 Ghayb Single
Elomr El Ha2e2y Single
Wahda Kamla Single
Gol Hader Single